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We are made of memories



I love my sternum tattoo probably more than everything.

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Ou Sam u go girl

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Gorgeous hips.

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Okay not topless but don’t be so greedy. SO STOP ASKING FOR NIPPLE THANKS.

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"I’m gunna cum"
Those are my absolute favorite words to hear during a sexual encounter. I love watching a man cum- his facial expressions, the way his body tenses, and oh my lord his fucking noises…the way he sputters and gasps and unwillingly releases his most animalistic sounds at his climax. It drives me fucking wild.

My sex confession to you dear Lioness, and all of coffee club, is having a man cum inside me turns me on more than anything else. First a disclaimer: safe sex should be EVERYONE’S priority; I’ve had condom-less sex with two men and both are ones I trust in the extreme and (more importantly) who I know are tested/clean….now back to the naughtiness. It’s quite psychological more than physical; I love the idea of a man using my pussy to empty himself into me. For him to experience a truly amazing orgasm. For him to pound into me harder and harder and harder until he gasps that he’s going to cum in me, and then does, filling me up. My absolute favorite is having him slowly pull out, lay down, and play with his cum dripping out of me, whispering what a good cumslut I was and that he came hard. It’s an extra bonus if he gives me a taste.

I seriously think i’m panting over here. Well… umm… that sounds super lovely (safe sex disclaimer and all). Seriously, a very hot confession with a very tempting photograph. Xo

I almost didn’t submit that day because I couldn’t come (lol) up with a picture to really go with my confession…but I’m glad I did because ngl I really like this write up c:

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